Spiritual Causes of Illness

  Spiritual Sources and Concepts of Illness and Symptoms

Raising vibrations faster than body can assimilate/tolerate. There are frequent

cautions in the literature from spiritual beings about the strain on an unprepared

body due to raising vibrations to realize gifts and growth. In some ways, this is

related to the practice of yoga to strengthen the body for growth.

Oaths in previous lifetimes. If in a previous lifetime, you are being injured,

tortured or killed and curse the other person saying something like "I'll never

forget you" or "You are forever cursed" etc., then you will be Karmically linked to

that person. Every three or four lifetimes, that person will show up as an

antogonist in your life usually accompanied by unexplained pains or fears at

approximately the same age as when you were hurt in the other lifetime. This

happens to remind you to dig into this spiritually to release it while you are in a

physical body where it is much easier energetically.

Injuries/traumas in previous lifetimes. Although a new incarnation should be free

of patterns to past lives, this doesn't always work out. The aches, pains,

illnesses and injuries of other lifetimes may manifest as symptoms in the current

lifetime. Frequently, just identifying the ties and the causes can help release

these. Sylvia Browne also mentions tying birthmarks to points of trauma in other


Karmic lessons. Your actions in another lifetime may lead to accepting a life

situation in this lifetime that balances the action. You may choose to suffer injury

or hardship to learn what it is like on the receiving end.

Contracts, learning. Every life has a chart or contract or plan that details who

you'll interact with and situations where you may be given choices on the

outcome or problems that require spiritual growth to solve. In some cases,

practitioners can negotiate with spiritual powers to make changes to these


Core belief issues. Your subconscious is extremely powerful, makes many

decisions for you and the beliefs there may be applied simplistically in your life

situations, frequently in ways that are in conflict with your conscious ideas. For

illness, one may have beliefs such as the following that influence health:
-germs cause disease
-illness is contagious
-environment causes illness
-picked up illness pattern from someone else

Took on someone else's illness to "help." This situation may happen with

healers or with sympathetic friends or relatives. This is generally not a good way

to help in healing and healers who do this may be greatly depleted on their

energy and spend a lot of time recovering themselves before they can help

others again.

Negative self image - "I deserve it" "I am worthless" "I should be punished."

This could be tied to patterns of depression or low self-esteem but can be very

real to a person. Your mind is very powerful in turning on or off the self-healing

capabilities of your immune systems and other areas that affect your health.

Shadow influence. The shadow refers to archetypes that are universal (ref C.

Jung). If you suppress the dark side of yourself instead of acknowledging that it

is part of you and working with it constructively, you may use so much energy to

contain it and push it down that you become depleted and more susceptible to

illness and illnesses may present in forms that tie into the archetype.

Helping someone else with their life experience by watching you with illness.

This is more of a contract with a soul group where you volunteer to be the victim

so others may experience the emotions and setting. This is a common theme

among young children with catastrophic illness.

Opportunity to learn to heal self. Sometimes healers and Shamans get their

start by going through a life-changing illness and recovery. I don't think it is a

prerequisite but some persons hold that to be true and it probably affects them


"Spiritual kick in the rear" to get moving and grow. Your higher self or other

spiritual beings may keep sending illnesses and injuries your way until you finally

shout "Enough!" and dig into the spirituality behind these and start growing.

Dark entity(ies) attachment, influence. There are low vibration entities out there

and they can attach, sap your energy, influence your actions and cause problems

in your life that can also affect health.

Earthbound spirit has attached to body. Most earthbound spirits that attach are

fairly benign and at worst, present a drain to your energy. In some cases,

though, they may either deliberately affect your health or passively do it through

passing on to you the patterns of what caused their deaths. For example, if

great aunt Tillie is in your energy field and she died of lung cancer, you might

start manifesting symptoms of throat and chest ailments.

Spiritual Causes of Illness
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