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1. Where did Psych-K™ come from? Rob Williams, MA, was inspired to develop it after becoming more and more frustrated with standard counseling sessions and the lack of results. Rob also had a lot of experience working with kinesiology and the combination seemed to work very well. There is also a lot of biological research support for the concept of cellular memory and decision making throughout the body that clearly supports the subconscious.


2. What are the essentials of Psych-K™? Psych-K™ is a method that uses kinesiology (muscle testing) to identify core beliefs held in the subconscious and to rapidly change those core beliefs to align with conscious desires or intent. In the Psych-K™ framework, the subconscious is a set of rules akin to computer instructions on a disk drive that are administered by a primitive intelligence that only knows the “now” and thinks it is providing protection by applying these rules even if they interfere with your life on a conscious level.


3. What can Psych-K™ be used on? Core beliefs can be identified using kinesiology to bring the subconscious into agreement with the conscious. These core beliefs can support changes in: -Relationships -Personal Power -Health Issues -Grief and Loss -Prosperity -Self-Esteem -Fears and Phobias -Weight Management -Athletic Focus and Success and others.


4. Are there other modalities that are combined in a session? Healing Touch™ methods are commonly used when dealing with acute or chronic health conditions. Psych-K™ is used with the core beliefs and Healing Touch™ is used to provide alternative healing.

5. Is a core belief change a violation of free will? Part of the protocol used when changing a core belief involves using muscle testing to “ask” both the higher self and the subconscious for concurrence.


6. Describe muscle testing. When standing upright, the client extends one arm straight out to the side. During testing, the client repeats a statement (may be true or false) given by the practitioner. The client is then asked to maintain the posture while the practitioner presses down on the arm. If the subconscious agrees that the statement is true, then the position of the arm will change very little and the joint remains strong (in tension). If the statement is not true, the shoulder joint goes weak and the arm is easily moved downwards with a constant pressure. This is practiced with the client and periodically “recalibrated” during the session to maintain the validity of the results.


7. What is involved in a session? A typical session starts with the client describing the various issues in their life and what they hope to gain in terms of change. These are written down so they may be addressed during the core belief testing and updating. The client is usually placed on a massage table to avoid fatigue problems in the shoulder. A variety of methods are available to the practitioner to identify the relevant core beliefs and then update them.


8. How long do sessions typically last? A typical session is an hour. The initial session normally runs to ninety minutes but is billed the same. The initial session lasts longer because of introductory material for a new client.


9. How many sessions are typically needed? How often do you meet? A normal course of sessions is three to five because the system is very efficient. Chronic health conditions might require a longer series of sessions. Sessions are usually held on a weekly basis.


10. What is the cost? Please call. The rates are competitive with other personal service providers.


11. Is it okay to bring someone else to the session? If this would make you feel more comfortable, you’re welcome to bring a friend or family member.


12. What other options can be obtained in a session? It can be quite illuminating to ask the subconscious many questions regarding your current life situation. Health food supplements can be tested to determine need and dosage. Training can be provided so you can perform self-testing.


David Barnett holds several degrees including a BA Psy and is an experienced Psych-K™ practitioner in the Denver area. Although working as an aerospace engineer for 30+ years, he has also been involved in alternative health and healing systems for over 25 years. References available upon request.   He can be reached at 303-902-5323.

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