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Welcome to the fascinating world of Psych-K™! Many people find that their best efforts
in life seem to blocked and they frequently are stuck in making the same
mistakes over and over. What if the interference came from the subconscious?
And even more strange, what if the subconscious viewed its interference as a
protection mechanism? Psych-K™ provides an efficient system using muscle
testing to quickly identify core beliefs (at the subconscious level) and update
those to be in agreement with your conscious views and beliefs. David Barnett,
a Psych-K™ consultant, is available to help you with this valuable system.

I will be hosting a web radio show on all matters spiritual including healing!  Please join me on Monday nights, 8PM (Mountain), starting July 12, 2010.  Please see the player below or go to to either listen live and call-in or to download previous segments including podcast.  Thanks for joining me!

What are the typical areas?

Personal performance in academics and sports, business
proficiency, self-esteem, grief and loss, fears and phobias, spiritual growth,
acute and chronic medical conditions and many more.

How does it work?

In a typical session, the client's goals and blocks are
initially identified. Then, muscle testing (kinesiology) is used to allow the
subconscious to identify the core beliefs that are applicable to the situation.
The session continues with quickly updating those core beliefs to be in
synchronization with conscious thinking. Please see the FAQs in this site for
more detailed information. 

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